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ForeverKid Shop is a U.S.-based online store specializing in high-quality baby products. We aim to offer superior quality, unique items at affordable prices and exceptional customer service. We aim to inspire creativity, encourage learning, and foster a sense of fun and play in children.



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About Us

Your One-Stop Online Store for High-Quality Baby Products

Welcome to foreverkidshop.com. If you’re looking for baby and kids’ stuff, look no further than ForeverKid Shop, which is made just for the U.S. We specialize in baby products. Our products are manufactured in California. Our products include baby clothing, toys, watches, nursery & bath, feeding, car & travel accessories, and many more. Since day one, our team has always selected the finest materials and perfect designs to create a unique product for you. All our products are developed with a complete dedication to quality, durability, and functionality. We aim to offer the best products and great value and provide the most incredible customer service possible. Visit our online store and experience our superior quality and service at affordable prices.


Our Story & Mission

At ForeverKid Shop, our story and mission are to provide parents and caregivers with high-quality, unique products that promote creativity, learning, and fun for children. We have been committed to using the finest materials and designs to create durable and functional items since our inception. Our mission is to offer the best products at affordable prices, focusing on exceptional customer service. We believe that shopping for baby products should be easy and convenient, so we offer an online store that allows customers to shop from the comfort of their homes.

We understand the importance of providing children with imaginative and engaging toys and games that foster growth and development. That’s why we carefully curate our product selection to include items that inspire creativity and learning. Whether it’s our adorable baby clothing, educational toys, or travel accessories, each product is chosen with a dedication to quality and functionality. Our team is passionate about helping parents find the perfect products for their little ones, and we are always here to offer guidance and support.

At ForeverKid Shop, we strive to create a community of like-minded parents and caregivers who share our values and love for children. We are committed to building lasting customer relationships and providing a seamless shopping experience. We believe that by offering the best products and exceptional service, we can positively impact the lives of families across the country. Join us on this journey and discover the magic of ForeverKid Shop.

Our Vision

Our vision at ForeverKid Shop is to be the top destination for parents seeking high-quality, unique baby products that inspire creativity and foster a sense of fun and play. We aim to build a community of like-minded families and provide exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission at ForeverKid Shop is to provide high-quality, unique baby products that promote creativity, learning, and fun while offering exceptional customer service and value. We aim to build a community of like-minded parents and caregivers and positively impact families nationwide.

Our Core Values

Our core values at ForeverKid Shop include quality, creativity, learning, fun, community, and exceptional customer service. We are committed to providing high-quality, unique baby products that promote growth and development in children while building a community of like-minded parents and caregivers who share our values.

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Kid's T-Shirts

Our kids’ t-shirts feature imaginative designs and high-quality materials and are available in various sizes and colors. They make the perfect addition to any child’s wardrobe.

Car Travel Accessories

Car & Travel Accessories

ForeverKid Shop’s car and travel accessories provide convenient and practical solutions for parents on-the-go.


Activity & Entertainment

Our activity and entertainment products offer engaging and imaginative ways for children to learn and play.

Nursery & Bath

Nursery & Bath

ForeverKid Shop’s nursery and bath products provide practical and high-quality solutions for parents to care for their babies and create a safe and comfortable environment.



ForeverKid Shop’s feeding products offer convenient and safe solutions for parents to feed their babies and encourage healthy eating habits.

Toys Watches

Toys & Watch

ForeverKid Shop’s toys and watch section offers a wide range of high-quality and imaginative toys and watches that encourage learning and fun for children.

Valerie Sharp

Valerie Sharp

Lead Designer

ForeverKid Shop is owned and operated by Valerie Sharp, a successful female entrepreneur who oversees all aspects of the business.

Justin Walsh

Justin Walsh


Justin Walsh is a skilled designer who selects only the highest quality products for ForeverKid Shop, ensuring that customers receive unique and well-designed baby items.

Jason Ballard

Jason Ballard

Head of Advertisement

Jason Ballard is responsible for developing and executing advertising campaigns that promote ForeverKid Shop’s high-quality baby products.

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We are an online-only store, but you can easily reach us by email or phone for any inquiries or assistance.

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