A comparison between different types of baby bibs

A comparison between different types of baby bibs. When your little kid starts growing up then it’s time to add up some solid food material into his /her diet. But with solid food his /her outfit can be messed up. Therefore, we use bibs to keep the clothes clean.

baby bipsBaby bibs are one of the must-have essentials for the parents. When we ate young, our parents used to purchase a standard cloth bin but today, we find bibs of various styles and textures.

Generally, a simple fabric piece can also work efficiently to keep the clothes neat and clean. But bibs hold some advantages that make them an advanced tool of the modern world.

Bibs made of clothes hold several benefits for both the parents and the baby. A standard baby bib comes in the simplest design. It is simply made with a piece of clothing or fabric.

When we talk about the benefits of plastic bibs, we find these bibs extremely easy to clean up. They can be used for longer and take less time in washing.

It means that both the bibs offer benefits on their own.

Let’s have a comparison between both these kinds of bibs.

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Benefits of using cloth baby bibs:

Following are some advantages of using clothes bibs:

  • The manufacturer of cotton bibs generally used cotton fabric and very soft material to provide comfort to the baby.
  • The baby will not feel any irritation around the neck even after a long period of wear.
  • The cotton and polyester baby bibs are durable.
  • You can easily bind it back to your baby’s neck and start the lunch.
  • They take less space and can be fit in the smallest size of the bag.
  • They are very effective in preventing stains and can be very comfortable to wear.


With the bumble of advantages that cloth bibs offer, there are also some limitations:

Cloth bibs can be washed through a machine but multiple washes can damage the fabric and reduce the life of the bib. Therefore, hand-washing is recommended which is a time-consuming task.

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The benefits of using plastic baby bibs:  

Plastic Bibs are more popular among parents if compared with cloth bibs.

Following are some of the advantages of using a plastic bib:

  • Plastic bibs are quite easy to clean. You only need to wipe it out and rinse it.
  • Baby Bibs made of plastic can be used for longer.
  • Plastic bibs come in two styles:
    • A standard plain plastic bib
    • Plastic bib with the bottom pocket
  • The pocket in the former one can help to catch up on the food and prevent the spread of mess in your baby’s lap. It also helps to keep the floor clean as all the falling food is gathered in the bottom pocket. 


Unlike cloth bibs, plastic bibs are quite easy to wash. But wearing plastic bibs for longer can irritate your little one’s neck and your baby might try to take them off.

Moreover, the material used in some kinds of plastic bibs can cause allergies. Therefore, be very careful to choose to safest one. 

Final Thoughts: 

The cloth, as well as the plastic bib, holds beneficial. Both offer durability. The only difference is that cloth bibs are more comfortable while plastic bibs are easier to wash.

Now, it’s up to you what will you choose, the comfort of your baby or yours!

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